Payment Options accepts payments through the following service providers

(last updated 10/14/2021)

  • Coinbase Commerce



Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce allows for payments through the popular exchange site The following coin types are accepted. To pay with Coinbase simply select the payment option during checkout. A new window will open and allow you to use Coinbase express checkout for Coinbase customers, or select a coin from the supported list. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase.

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dai
  • Dogecoin
  • Etherium
  • Lite Coin
  • USDC allows the millions of users of the coin app to pay directly through the app. To pay with simply select the payment option during checkout. Scan the QR code into your mobile app and follow the prompt.

NowPayments allows you to send coins directly from your wallets no matter where you hold your crypto. To use NowPayments simply select them during checkout. Next, you will need to select a coin from the supported list and send the selected crypto to the given wallet address. NowPayments accepts a wide array of crypto types and not all of them will be available (please see the list below). We have purposely limited some crypto coins in an effort to save you transaction fees (Gas). If you would like to pay with different crypto offered by please send us an email at and we will assist you.

  • Theta
  • Tfuel
  • BTC (Bitcoin)
  • LTC (Lite Coin)
  • BTH (Bitcoin Cash)
  • DGB (Digi Byte)
  • Dash
  • XRP (Ripple)
  • XMR (Monero)
  • Nano
  • Matic
  • SOL (Solana)
  • LINK (Chain Link)
  • UNI (Uniswap)
  • FIL  (Filecoin)
  • VET (VeChain)
  • XLM (Stellar / Lumens)
  • ZIL (Zilliqa)
  • ADA (Cardano)
  • BAT (Basic Authentication Token)
  • SHIB (Shiba Inu)
  • RVN (Raven Coin)
  • DOT (Polkadot)