About Us

About Us

Frog Wallets, LLC dba FrogWallets.com is an internet provider of cold storage or paper crypto wallets and accessories.

The company started due to a necessity in the market. The company was founded in 2021 at a time when world governments were printing fiat currency into oblivion. At the time there was a slew of internet cryptocurrency exchanges, none of which provides you your private keys. The only way to ensure you own your crypto is to have those keys and even with a Mobile or Desktop wallet, you run risks that should be backed up with cold storage devices, like paper wallets.

 The challenge is how do you provide customers a product that will securely hold those keys, whilst not seeing those keys yourself? The solution is the Frog Wallet.

The concept of the Frog Wallet was a well-planned paper wallet that pre-fills out as much information as possible while still maintaining customizability for the customer. So many factors are considered in each Frog Wallet to make them as universal as possible while still allowing for that customization.

We wanted to ensure that each wallet could be uniquely identified, look like something important, and provide a secure way to store your cryptocurrency's private information. In addition to this, the wallet design had to allow for the multiple ways in which each currency can be accessed. Like with a password, a private key, or a mnemonic phrase. Finally, we had to think about how these wallets would be used and stored.

Each element of function has been addressed with our Frog Wallet Deluxe package which includes physical security via the tamper-evident seals, waterproofing with the clear envelopes, and fire resistance with the Fire Wallet document holder. If properly stored in a lockbox or safe, there is virtually no chance of damage to your private information.

Finally, while we reached out to the crypto community we found that these also would make an excellent gift for graduations, birthdays, weddings, or the like. However since the wallet is designed to be printed and sealed, it makes it hard for the receiver to know exactly what was inside the wallet. That is why we added a Note Gift Card, which can be inserted or given along with the Frog Wallet indicating the Giver, Receiver(s), the Coin Type, Amount, Value, and the date.

At launch, we are offering 2 distinct designs, one we refer to as the Cartoon Design, and the other our Line Art design. Both are high-quality prints designed for different tastes. We hope to add more designs for specifically branded cryptocurrencies, online wallets, or content creators.