It looks like somebody really likes you!

If you received a Frog Wallet as well, and want to learn more let us help.

The Frog Wallet is a Paper Crypto Wallet. That simply means somebody has loaded some crypto coins onto a paper wallet and given you all the information needed to retrieve those coins! Lucky you!

Each cryptocurrency is different so be sure to check your Gift Card to see which type of crypto you received. Once you found your cryptocurrency you can transfer it from your Paper Wallet (Frog Wallet) to another wallet by logging into that cryptocurrency's official site. The Frog Wallet will contain all the private information needed to access the wallet. Once you have gained access you need the public address of the location you want to send the coins, if you are using an exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, or Binance they will provide you a unique Public address in which you may deposit your coins. Similarly, if you are using hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, Exodus, or Trust Wallet those too will provide you with a unique deposit address you may transfer your coins to.

We highly recommend once you open the wallet to gain access to your private information, you "sweep" the wallet. That means transfer everything off the wallet. We at take every measure to ensure the private information is secure and safe, but that doesn't mean they are expensive. If you ever want to put your crypto back onto a paper wallet, you can always purchase a new Frog wallet from us!

Of course, you can also keep your Frog Wallet and cryptocurrency safe and secure by leaving it sealed. A properly filled out Frog Wallet will contain all the information you ever need to gain access to the coins. So keep it in a safe location like a lockbox, or fireproof safe just as you would any other important documents.