Ribit Ribit, our Plus Package Includes Everything You Need To Make & Securely Store 6 Crypto Wallet Addresses

This Kit Includes:

  • Your Choice Of 3 x Paper Wallet Sheets (2 Wallets Per Sheet)
  • 6 x Clear Sealable Envelopes
  • 6 x Tamper Evident Seals
  • 2 x Gift Card Notes (Load & Give a Wallet as a Gift)
  • 1 x Fine Tip Frog Wallet Branded Sharpie
  • Download QR & Public & Private Key Template To Print When Your Wallets Arrive

What does this stuff do?

Full-Color Printed Wallet; our prints are printed on 70lb linen stock. Each print is the standard 8.5 x 11 paper with pre-designated areas for your private information along with QR codes and wallet identification locations. We designed the paper wallets to be universal; our paper stock choice allows you to print additional information with laser or ink-jet printers. Once printed simply fold the wallet along the vertical axis to hide your private information, and cut down the horizontal axis, making 2 unique wallets.

Clear Sealable Envelopes; this is the first line of defense from prying eyes and provides a layer of water-proofing to prevent any damage from flooding or spills. The envelope is clear by design so you can not only see the beautiful artwork from our design team but easily identify the wallet by the logo or the public address information. 

Tamper Evident Seals; the tamper-evident seals are individually numbered, frog wallet branded, and holographic. If somebody were to access your wallet they would have to damage the clear envelope or remove the seal. In so doing the seal would leave a permanent residue indicating somebody has accessed your private information hopefully allowing you enough time to scrape the wallet. We will never print the same serial number twice, which means each number on the seal is yours and cannot be replaced by us or anybody else without a significant cost.

Fine Tip Sharpie; the Frog Wallet's branded Sharpie is the perfect writing instrument for those who do not wish to print their private information. Carefully selected for its permanent no-bleed ink. The Frog Wallet Sharpie allows for carefully marking while maintaining a no-bleed smooth writing feel; dark enough to read, but not so dark the markings bleed through the other side. We tested many writing tools for our wallets and this is a perfect choice.

Gift Cards; the Frog Wallet Gift Card is the perfect note for giving Crypto as a gift. You can generate a new wallet add the crypto of your choice and give them out as a gift. The gift note card is the size of a business card, with areas to fill out the Giver, Receiver, Crypto Type, Amount, Value & Date. The perfect note for giving a securely stored crypto wallet to a friend or relative.

Why Choose Frog Wallets?

Security; each wallet design is made to obfuscate the inside information to help prevent "candle lighting". Placed inside the clear envelope adds a nearly perfect waterproofing effect. Finally, our reflective unique styled tamper-evident serialized seal will show disturbance if there is any physical tampering.

Customizable; careful thought was put into each wallet design making them nearly universal for personal and public information, while still allowing locations for unique wallet identification. You may have many different coins or many private addresses for the same type of coin, however, each paper wallet can be uniquely identified by the logo you place in the design area on the front of the wallet. This along with the visible Public Addresses can help you quickly identify which wallet you may need to access.

Accessories; in addition to our pre-designed paper wallets, we offer the perfect accessories to compliment you on controlling your own crypto wallet keys. Like our fine-tipped Frog Wallet branded Sharpie, which offers the perfect ink flow and density allowing you to transcribe your private information without bleed through. Or our fire-retardant Fire Wallet, designed to protect your paper wallets or sensitive documents in case of fire.

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Frog Wallet Plus Kit (6 Wallets)

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